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Are you Cereal!

August 26, 2011
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We have a habit of purchasing long lasting items in bulk when its discounted or to just make a saving. The 20 kilo rice bag we bought in the past did take us a number of months to eat through, but at least we finished it. Then there was the habit of purchasing coffee in large jars just because its on special. Since we drink decafe on weekdays (to sleep better) and regular on weekends it meant we already had to have two different jars, but then the fear set in that we may run out of one of the products half way into the week, so we purchase another jar or two. You get the idea. Sometimes its a conscious purchase other times we don’t even know we already have the item, such as the half a dozen packs of tooth paste in the bathroom. A unsuspecting guest may stumble onto them and think we are stoking up for a nuclear winter.

The latest case is cereal. I have been a big fan of cereal and have been eating it most mornings, but we cannot help ourselves to purchase some every time there is a special on. The picture below is AFTER we threw out 3 packs of old cereal that were on the shelf for over a year. But I did make a commitment to myself not to open a new pack until I finish the already opened packs.

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