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Dog Challenge part 2

August 11, 2011

Its been a week since the last post on the dog challenge part 1 I set my self. There’s been progress in all areas.

As a reminder, I wanted the dogs to be able to get better at the following three areas:

  • Eating from own bowls
  • Toileting in the right place
  • Synchronised tricks


1) There is still occasional theft from each others bowls but over all most dogs are starting to learn what their own bowls are and more importantly that others bowls are a no go zone.

2) Its been two days in the row now that we came home and didn’t find a mess in the livign room. Some of the dogs wait it out and then rush to go outside. Cookie goes outside regardless through the doggy-door. But as the above photo shows it appears they all have learn to use the newspapers if they need to go. Makes our job much easier.


3) Finally, the tricks are progressing nicely. All dogs are able to sit when instructed. three of the dogs can drop as the second step, and finally Cookie and Lilly are able to roll over. They must now all learn the three steps and then all do it at the same time.

Some photos of the progress

The hand gesture tells them to sit. When they do I reward them with a bit of food.


Again the dogs are all sitting and waiting for food.


One way to make a dog drop is to use a unique hand gesture, in this case we used an open hand with palm facing down and a bit of food in it. We lower the hand to the ground and tell the dog to “drop”.  we may take the hand away a bit to make the dog reach for the food which causes them to drop easier.

Dropping with the hand example (Cookie is getting ahead of him self by rolling over)

If that technique doesnt work. We make the dog go between your legs. By leaving only a bit of room and inviting the dog to follow with a bit of food the dog usually has to crawl through the legs to get the food. When they do we congratulate them and reward them with food.

Here’s an example of Charlie crawling through the legs. Makes him drop easier.



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