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Dog Challenge part 1

August 4, 2011

It seems like August will be one of those months that has everything piled-on it.

Uni classes have commenced and will get progressively more difficult in the coming weeks, work is always more difficult in the first half of the month, etc.

But I always try to look at something in a positive light, and in this case turn the situation into a fun experiment.

My aim is to document the progress of the doggies in several areas that I believe they lack. I will outline what I hope to achieve;

1)      Eating from own bowls: Currently the biggest challenge is making all four dogs eat out of their designated bowls. Two dogs have nearly mastered the process, but just as when you are a child and you become friends with one of those kids that, in your parents eyes, is a bad influence with loose morals, well the same scenario is unfolding in front of our eyes. It’s like the dogs think they entered some ‘Socialist paradise’ where all bowls belong to everyone.

The problem with that behaviour is the different speeds that each dog eats their meals. Lilly, who is the only poodle in the bunch has the mannerisms of a lady who takes a single piece of food, walks to a comfortable place of rest and savours the taste. While our dogs have a tendency to vacuum-up their food, before the bowl hits the ground. The problem becomes obvious, as some will gorge themselves until they resemble a fatted calf, while others will be confused for the impoverished citizens of North Korea.

2)      Toileting in the right place: Being house dogs (even though there is a doggy-door) means that they have to go to the toilet in the right place. So far only one of our dogs understands the physics of pushing the doggy-flap forward so that entry will be granted to the backyard. Our other dog still uses newspapers as her potty place but at least she knows that much. The challenge in now to make the two new residents follow course and either learn how to go outside to do their business or use the newspaper that’s there for the less gifted.

3)      Synchronised tricks: Just as the Olympic swimmers in the pool do their routine in a graceful harmony, I want to see if I can make the dogs do a few tricks in the same way. I will be happy if I can get them to sit, then drop, then roll-over all in unison. If however  they do well, then perhaps a game of poker may be on the table :p

I will try to keep a running blog including photos and videos of their progress.


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