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Favourite Podcast

July 5, 2011

As previously mentioned I enjoy and prefer to digest my information is audio form. That includes podcasts that I usually download from Itunes. I have heard a wide spectrum of podcasts in all topics, from amateurs in their basement to people who make a living from recording their shows with 100K+ equipment.

Currently my favourite podcast series is composed by an ex-radio-talk- show host; Dan Carlin. He has two podcasts, one being a political podcast that is interesting and deserving of a mention, the other and the one I want to focus on and give my recommendation of is called  ‘Hardcore History’. If you are a fan of history and enjoy a good narration this podcast will captivate you.

The website where you can find the podcast is HERE as well as in Itunes.

The current series that was recently completed is on the fall of the Roman Republic. unfortunately for new listeners the older episodes are archived and you have to purchase them, but there is still another good series available for free on the Eastern Front.

The aim of the post was to promote someone who I believe has done an excellent job in creating worthwhile content, as well as to give you a window into the interests that I share.

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